Saturday, March 28, 2015

Hand signed print Give Away on Pocket Full of Colors Blog

Robin Maria Pedrero Pocket Full of Colors Blog Give Away

Garden Harmonies by Robin Maria Pedrero
March is almost over and it's been some time since I've had a give away so let's do it! 
I have a selection of prints (reproductions) to choose from for this giveaway.
All are on archival paper, hand signed and sealed.
Once the winner has made contact with me they will be given their choices.
First let's make sure we have all our bases covered and are connected. 

Tourism Map of Orlando Florida

Do you know where to find me and my work ?
My work is in several galleries see here
I work out of my private home studio just north of Orlando Florida in the USA.
The best way to contact me is directly, email, phone, via my website
 or  facebook messenger and all of this info is on my website.
Once upon a time I was  however
a few years ago I built a new website with my own name domain

On my website look at the top banner and there are little icons like this

Click on the f for facebook, 
the bird takes you to my twitter page
the in is actually LINKEDIN
The envelope is mail
The P is Pinterest
the G is for Google+
I added You Tube as well
 but there is not an icon there for  instagram so click here this is the link 

Pink Poppies and Time Traveler by Robin Maria Pedrero
AS you can see I enjoy connecting with people via social media. I find it is extra special to me as an artist as I work pretty secluded in my studio, to use social media enabling me to bring my fans and collectors views of my studio, inspirations, art in progress, works for sale and events.  I do have a newsletter where I also give subscribers specials, it is via mail chimp I think you will enjoy it,  here's the link to subscribe 

In addition to my originals and hand signed prints I also utilize print on demand sites. It enables my collectors to have instant options and sizes,  like my work in print on various papers, canvas, metal, acrylic, pillows, totes, jewelry, shower curtains, scarves, leggings, tiles, cups, mugs, phone cases, calenders, .. the list goes on..

Here are my shops

(this site even has a print shop in the UK so shipping and service is fast there too!)

So what do you do to enter the give away?
Comment here on the blog with what you like about my art and where you usually see my art.
I'll Choose a winner from those who comment
so don't be a "fool".. leave your comment and let's have fun!
I'll announce the winner on Wednesday April 1st 2015
yes April Fool's Day!

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

A couple of red cardinals painted

A Couple of Red Cardinals 

A Couple of Red Cardinals by Robin Maria Pedrero

I have several feeders in my yard and one just inches from one of the windows of my art studio.
As I type this there is a female cardinal on the sill  popping it's head up and peeking at me through the window. There are two very bright male cardinals and 2 more subdued in color females that regularly share their feedings here in my yard. I also see that they like my orange tree as well. They are here year round. When the robins landed here in their migratory flock the cardinals had to share their bird bath with a lot of friends. During the warmer weather when we are in the pool it's especially interesting to hear the males and females calling to one another and watching out for each other.  

A Couple of Red Cardinals was painted using acrylic paint. I first painted the canvas blue then I drew them in charcoal and proceeded layering color and details to achieve the finished work of art.

Many people look to the cardinal as a messenger. They have been a symbolic bird through time. Here is a site that shares Cardinal Signs and Symbols. I also enjoy the Native American Choctaw Legend of the Cardinal Matchmaker.  

Do you have any symbolic experiences with cardinals? 

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Thursday, March 05, 2015

Fresh Lemons for your Fresh Decor

I often go into silly songs painting or posting pieces of art.
Do you remember the song "Who will buy" from the musical Oliver?
My mother sang parts in that song in our local theater in Norwich CT. She sang the soprano part, the line that says "Who will buy my sweet red roses two blooms for a penny". 

Lemons on Lemon Tree by Robin Maria Pedrero

I was 12, and a dancer and performer in the musical as well. Those songs often pop up in my mind after all of these years they are unforgettable. So as I posted this I'm singing another part from the song where someone is shouting out "fresh strawberries" and I'm inserting lemons. Yes a little nutz. So here you see an image of my painting "Lemons on Lemon Tree".  It's FRESH! and yellow and lemony! Might even bring you into song. Note the hint of pink? That is because my very own tree actually has pink lemons! The outside is yellow, but the citrus is pink! These are slightly sweeter. 

The pillow can be long or square.

Lemon Pillows

I thinks these will brighten your space and bring a smile to your face

Getting ready for spring!

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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Happy Welcome

When people come into your home what is the first thing they see? 

Happy Welcome by Robin Maria Pedrero
Is the view an entryway? A foyer? Or a vast open space?
I've lived in a few different homes and experienced several different scenarios.
My present home has a small wall perfect for a piece of art and a fountain. 
This painting is a type of painting I can envision in a spot like this, "Happy Welcome"

I also like this painting for one's own chic cocoon. An area where you write, read or work as it is cheery. Another spot could be a hallway to bring added color and smiles. 

Other areas can also have a pop of these poppies with an accent throw pillow.
Happy Welcome Throw Pillow by Robin Maria Pedrero
These pillows are high quality and come in different sizes 
with the option of with or without an insert.

Take a Happy Welcome everywhere you go!

Isn't this just the cutest?!

iphone and samsung

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Sunday, March 01, 2015

Mild Day of March

It's March in Florida a bit rainy, yet mild weather but the birds are singing and the flowers are blooming. Here's my most recent work of art "Little Birds and Poppies". Truly there are no poppies here in my vicinity, but they are oh so fun to paint.

Little Birds and Poppies by Robin Maria Pedrero

The painting was sold pretty quickly, in less than 24 hours, one of my collectors will be flying back from the Caribbean island she lives on to where we original grew up in Connecticut, so the art will ship out promptly to be there in perfect timing for her arrival. There are prints offered here.

Little Birds and Poppies Pillow

On this the First Day of March reading Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach she began the month with Wordsworth. A poet I've adored since Mr. Smith brought British Literature to an animated presence in my life during high school at St. Bernard's.

It is the first mild day of March:
Each minute sweeter than before
The redbreast sings from the tall larch
That stands beside our door.

There is a blessing in the air,
Which seems a sense of joy to yield
To the bare trees, and mountains bare,
And grass in the green field.

My sister! ('tis a wish of mine)
Now that our morning meal is done,
Make haste, your morning task resign;
Come forth and feel the sun.

Edward will come with you—and, pray,
Put on with speed your woodland dress;
And bring no book: for this one day
We'll give to idleness.

No joyless forms shall regulate
Our living calendar:
We from to-day, my Friend, will date
The opening of the year.

Love, now a universal birth,
From heart to heart is stealing,
From earth to man, from man to earth:
—It is the hour of feeling.

One moment now may give us more
Than years of toiling reason:
Our minds shall drink at every pore
The spirit of the season.

Some silent laws our hearts will make,
Which they shall long obey:
We for the year to come may take
Our temper from to-day.

And from the blessed power that rolls
About, below, above,
We'll frame the measure of our souls:
They shall be tuned to love.

Then come, my Sister! come, I pray,
With speed put on your woodland dress;
And bring no book: for this one day
We'll give to idleness.
— William Wordsworth, 1798

Eavan Boland has a lovely tribute to Wordsworth here.

This poem makes me want to paint even more.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Chic Cocoon Room

Some of you may have heard me reference my Chic Cocoon. That's a term I adopted, a fun name from an energetic person's book (who I met on twitter) Jen Duchene.  Le Chic Cocoon: 7 Steps to Creating Your Selfish Space 

Two walls of this room are painted in the color "rapture", that's the purple.
The painting in the right corner is often a different piece. Today that is the original Sun Deer

I'm sharing this picture because just yesterday the entire floor of the room was filled with my artwork which was being inventoried into my database. I've been fortunate to have a dear friend assist me, thank you Allison Constantino. She's just listed her first piece of Botswana on Fine Art America. 

The sun shines brightly through that window so I have deep purple curtains that I can draw closed. I do enjoy to peek out that window at my peach tree and and all the birds inhabiting my back yard here in Florida.   I'm think I need to look for an area rug next for me special room. 

I'll be sharing more on this room and the special art pieces
 that I've collected from artists around the world.

Do you have a special room?  Do you seek out art to join you in your space?

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Pillow Fight - Are you ready?

Saturday April 4th 2015, there will be massive pillow fights in cities around the world!
International Pillow Fight Day did you know that? 

Kinda fun! These are probably too pretty to use for that event.

Waking up to Sunshine Pillow
Great for a patio, sun room, or bedroom

Pink Poppy Design
 A nice accent to your decor
Patterns and colors to compliment your home 

 Perfectly hugable Love birds!

These pillows are available with or without the insert.
I have my designs in two shops one is Fine Art America 
tons of throw pillows in a variety of sizes and shapes ...
 that you might not want to take to the pillow fight lol
because you'll want to keep them and enjoy them! 

There are even some with my photography like this


I have a few different designs in my Society6 shop too.

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Mother Daughter Valentines

There is a special bond between a mother and daughter.

"Follow Me" by Robin Maria Pedrero

We as mothers wish all things good and wonderful in our daughter's lives.
We hold hope for them when we know they are challenged and struggling. 
We are proud of them watching them grow into confident women,
However no matter how old she gets she is still your baby girl!

"What I wanted most for my daughter 
was that she be able to soar confidently in her own sky, whatever that may be." Helen Claes

Reflecting on mothers who are always there, listening, loving,
ready to go to the ends of the earth and back for their daughters, 
we know that special bond is like no other, mother and daughter.

Speaking of going to the depths it's interesting that 
A Mojave legend tells of a primordial time when people lived in an underground world of darkness. They send a hummingbird up to look for light. High above them the little bird found a twisted path to the sunlit upper world where people now live.   Hummingbirds in Native American Legends

Then it should come as no surprise, heart touching as this was
 to receive several commissions for gifts
from mother to daughter and daughter to mother. 
What surprised me is they all requested hummingbirds!

Hummingbird by Robin Maria Pedrero
It is also believed that hummingbirds are messengers,
which is sometimes exactly what mothers and daughters need.

I am so very proud of my daughters, in all their beauty,
in all their brilliance, adoring their quirks
and wishing them wings to soar surrounded in love everyday! -  Mom

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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Robins in a bird bath

The cold weather as you know has gotten quite frosty in some parts recently. 
One of the wonderful advantages of living in Florida is the visitation of migratory birds.

Robins in bird bath

This week our yard was filled with a flock of robins. I've been spotting different birds lately in singles but this was a huge flock! They enjoyed our yard tremendously, joined in at the feeders and spent time at the bird bath. These Robins in bird bath had a great time. Perhaps we were their bed and breakfast stop? (giggles) 
I could not believe this great photo as if they posed for me. My first job as a teen was as a photographer. Way back when film was used and I developed the film into black and white photos as well for that job. I often utilized my photos as references for my artwork. This image is too cute as a photo but might seem a bit contrived as an artwork so I am not sure I will paint this one, but I have a few others from this same  scene to use as art references. 
I do offer my photography available for purchase only in my Fine Art America Shop there's travel images from Italy and wildlife like these turtles

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